Is February the new January?

What is it about January that seems to make time fly? I recently realized I missed writing my January Commodore’s Corner. Honestly, it felt like we sailed through last month on a foiling catamaran. And similar to being on those vessels, with so little wetted surface, things come at you rather quickly, like all the activities happening in our club. Let’s get to them!

Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup Regatta
Despite the continuing Covid uncertainties Emory Heisler and Cindy Pillote have done a superb job in keeping the Regatta on track. We canceled the big tent and reduced the fees, sparking a hike in registrations. With over 65 boats registered it’s going to be a competitive and exciting weekend on the water. And for Leukemia Cup fundraising we have some new and exceptional items to auction. Over the next few days you’ll receive more information about how the auction will play out. Tent or no tent, this Birthday Regatta is going to be exciting for everyone!

With crews from nine fleets lining up for racing, we need more shore crew. It’s understandable that some folks are hesitant to participate in group gatherings, so in order to practice more distancing, we will not be socializing under the big tent but rather under the stars. Feel free to bring a few lawn chairs if you’d rather not sit at a picnic table. We also need more pop-up shade tents if you have one. Maybe you have a few hours to help out with the tasks associated with serving up a meal or to be an extra set of hands. Look at this list for where you might help – and sign up. I’ll be onshore with you.

Upcoming Board of Directors Election
It’s hard to believe, but the deadline for securing and notifying our Nominating Committee is March 1st. For those of you unfamiliar with our election process I’ve summarized it in this past post, and if you’d prefer to read about it straight up from our bylaws, go for it. I do recommend each member read them to understand how AYC operates. Grab some coffee! There is a link to them on our “About” page.

Race Committee 101 Seminar
On February 2nd we offered a US Sailing seminar on the basics of the race committee. We had 16 sailors in attendance and the session was led by our very own certified Regional Race Officer, Wendy Larsen. Between the content provided by US Sailing and Wendy’s extensive knowledge and experience, the seminar was given high marks. A Zoom poll completed by participants indicated that we should definitely continue this offering. Roger that!

A professional writer/friend recently listened to me share how I struggle with keeping my posts and email short. She gave me advice that I’ll try to use – think of the five points you want to make and eliminate two.

So simple. Easy? To be determined. I’ll wrap this up by saying you’ll be reading less from me soon!

I hope to see you at the Birthday Regatta or the next monthly meeting. Thanks to those of you who have signed up as volunteers. You are vital to our Club and make our events what they are – memorable!

Deb Heisler