Announcing our  Fleet Champions & Spring Series Winners

By Racing Fleet Captain Jeff Coulter

Hello AYC Sailors:

Our Racing Series were very successful this year! We had (mostly) good winds that enabled some fantastic sailing and great competition. I wish to thank the following people who were so critical to making this a great year on the race course:

  • YOU! Thank YOU for participating – for racing, sailing, skippering, crewing, helping with Race Committees , and joining our after-race social mixers.
  • Lake Captain David Newland for his support at both Lake Pleasant and Tempe Town Lake. Dave ensured our support boats were ready for service every race day, and that Race Committees had the materials, tools, and information needed to run races.
  • Rear Commodore Marshall Williamson, who mustered volunteers for, and hands-on supported, our post-race BBQs and mixers at Lake Pleasant.
  • Vice Commodore Bob Naylor for organizing the local brewhouse, after race socials for TTL  sailors.
  • Our Fleet Captains, who turned out the boats and provided Race Committees to run our races.
  • Everyone else who worked to make our racing year a success.


Fleet Champions

  • Catalina 22:  Neil Thibodaux
  • PHRF Spin: Sean Brown
  • PHRF Sport Boat: Mike Hester
  • Santana 20: Martin Lorch
  • Thistle: Dan Schott
  • Laser: Paul Miachika
  • Sunfish: Jen Lee
  • Capri 14.2: Richard Krebill
  • Portsmouth: Emory Heisler
  • Juniors: Myles Danner

All Fleet Champions (except Juniors) will compete in the Club Championship aboard Santana 20s at Lake Pleasant on Saturday, May 7. THANK YOU to the Santana 20 fleet for providing your boats for the Championship races. I encourage everyone with a boat, to come out and watch the races, and to support your fleet champs.

View combined results for Lake Pleasant and Tempe Town Lake

Spring Series Winners

Lake Pleasant:

Catalina 22:  Steve Grothe
Santana 20:  Martin Lorch
Thistle Fleet: Kurt Finnie
PHRF SPIN: Sean Brown (Olson 25)
PHRF Sport Boat: Mike Hester (Viper 640)
See final LP Spring Series scores here

Tempe Town Lake:

Capri 14.2: Richard Krebill
Junior: Myles Danner (Laser 4.7)
Laser: Paul Miachika
Portsmouth: Emory Heisler (Buccaneer 18)
Sunfish: Jen Lee
See final TTL Spring Series scores here

Again, congratulations to all of our Spring Series winners and our Fleet Champions, and thank you to everyone who supported our racing programs this year. See you on the water!

Jeff Coulter
AYC Racing Fleet Captain