Dave Perry Makes Sense of the Racing Rules for AYC Sailors

By Mike Ferring

They can be confusing, right? The Racing Rules of Sailing are the Bible for sailboat racing, but it sometimes takes a preacher to make sense of them. Dave Perry is the Preacher.

When Commodore Marshall Williamson suggested having a rules seminar before the next AYC racing season, I knew who to call. Not only was Dave Perry a smash hit when Maryellen and I put on the 2019 Birthday Regatta, but I’ve been in online rules seminars with “The Daves,” Perry and Dellenbaugh, and have been simultaneously enlightened and entertained. Now you can be too.

Sign up now for the Zoom session on Wednesday, September 13, starting at 6:30pm. Here’s the link to registration.

Here’s a PDF flyer that you can print or share

In 90 minutes, Dave will cover the most critical rules you’ll need to know, with emphasis on starts and mark-roundings, the two most complex and dangerous times in any race. AYC wants to help you know the rules, so the fee for the seminar is just $10 (and the club will pick up the rest).

If you’re new to racing, Dave Perry may be new to you too. Here’s a very brief biography: He’s a member of the Sailing Hall of Fame. He’s the author of the definitive book on the rules (updated every four years), Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing, 2021-2024 and the companion book, 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes. He’s Chairman of the US Sailing Appeals Committee and a National Judge. He’s been the rules advisor and coach for multiple Olympics and America’s Cup campaigns. He’s presented well over 1,000 seminars. He’s a multi-time sailing champion. In short, the guy knows his rules.

If you have a specific question about the rules, you can ask it during the seminar or (to make sure it gets answered), send it to me in advance by email.

This is a can’t miss session for all AYC racers, either to learn the rules for the first time or to knock off the rust before the next racing season.

Dave Perry is an expert sailor, coach, rules guy and instructor.