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Club Awards and Honors

AYC Awards and Honors

Club Champion Martin Lorch (R) and crew Cedric Lorch

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AYC Volunteer Service Award – Recognizes a member volunteer for their efforts and commitment to our club.
US Sailing Sportsmanship Award —Given annually to a person who’s given huge time and effort for AYC.
Club Racing Champion —The winner of the club’s annual regatta of fleet champions.
Junior Champion —The junior fleet champ.
Ruth Beals Cup – Women at the helm .
Ye Blunder Bucket —A fun, spoof award given twice a year for a worthy blunder.

Distinguished Life Members (Previously Honorary Life)

In addition, AYC honors members for a lifetime of significant contribution to the club. The Distinguished Life Members are:

David and Hermine Shapiro (deceased)
Joyce Seale
Tom (deceased) and Carol Ohlin
Frank (deceased) and Marylou Bigelow
Al and Sandy Lehman
Mike Yarnell and Tia Renshaw
George Tingom
Mike and Maryellen Ferring
Martin Lorch
Skip Kempff

ASF Awards and Honors

ASF Heavy Lifting Award —The annual thank you to an individual who does most to help ASF
Linderman Most Improved Junior Trophy —Given each year in honor of longtime AYC member Jerry Linderman
Wayne Jason Tucker Outstanding Junior Award —Given each year in honor of junior sailor Wayne Jason Tucker

Awards No Longer (or Rarely) Given: