Racers and Crew Party Friday, September 7 from 5-7 pm

Racing season is nearly here!

Ready for some sailboat racing?

The Arizona season is coming fast and to help get you ready to race, we’re planning a party—a chance to get together with other racers, drink some beer or wine, and look for some crew-boat hookups for fall.

The party will be Friday, September 7, from 5-7 pm at AZ Wine & Beer at 2515 N. Scottsdale Road, just south of Thomas Road. Look for it in the center of the strip mall. And there’s lots of free parking.

They’ll offer some red and white wine options for $5 per glass and four different craft beers at a $2 or $3 discount. We’ll arrange for some munchies, too.

Who should come: Anybody interested in racing and would like to hang out with other racers. If you’re looking for crew or would like to crew, this is a great opportunity to match up people with the right resumes and personalities. You do not need to be a member of AYC to attend. Casual dress, of course.

Like to learn to race? Check out the Introduction to Sailboat Racing class, offered once a year in the fall.

Kool Kinnickinick Kampout

One of the clusters of campers around the Kinnickinick campground. Photos: Mike Ferring

The Kinnickinick Campout in the cool of the pines near Mormon Lake is a long-time AYC tradition, but last year it barely had a heartbeat. Steve Nahkala was the only AYCer to show. This year, Steve decided he’d step up and give the tradition a pop of CPR. It worked.

With people scattered over the campsite, I could never get a clear count, but this time the even drew about three dozen people, most recruited or cajoled into making the trip by Steve and Dennis Lynde. Dennis knew that Maryellen and I aren’t campers, so he offered to bring a tent for us if we came. We did. We’re glad we did.

It didn’t hurt that Phoenix was being clobbered by temperatures over 110 all week (116 the previous Wednesday) and that when we drove into the campground the thermometer in the car read 77°. We sat through a brief rain shower (the only one of the trip), popped a beer and started dropping in on fellow campers.

Steve had organized the traditional Kinnickinick sports: pasture golf and horse shoes. We gathered for a pot luck dinner as the sun began to set. And we gathered around a roaring bonfire as it turned dark. Steve made sure each of the kids walked away with a certificate for something. Some adults were awarded big bottles of wine. And the good feelings spread into the nighttime. There was a meteor shower for entertainment. Cool for comfort.

Next year you should try it.

Organizer Steve Nahkala stirs up a tidy pile of sausages.


One of the certificates of achievement awarded by the bonfire.

Kinnickinick Kool August 10-12


So cool you’ll wear a jacket around the fire.

We’ll be camping at Kinnickinick Lake, starting Friday, August 10. No charge for either camping or sailing.

Organizer Steve Nahkala plans to have bocce ball, forest golf, liar’s dice, horseshoes and other games. And it’s a fun place to bring the kids and your friendly dogs; we usually have a bunch of both. The lake is really great for dinghy sailing, and I would encourage you to bring a boat if possible. Tent camping is fine, along with any kind of camper or SUV with a mattress. We’ve had people camping in a Catalina 22 before, so anything is possible. We will for sure have a huge potluck dinner on Saturday night, so bring extra for everyone. And then there’s a campfire, wine tasting, sing-a-long, star watching, and possibly a marshmallow fight. S’mores of course.

People arrive early on Friday, sometimes as early as Thursday. In the many years I’ve been going there, we’ve usually had some rain, but not too much. The road into Kinnickinick is graveled dirt, but graded and maintained. I’ve never had a problem hauling everything from a Class A motor home to a tent.

Hope to see you there. Here’s a page with map. Our campground is free. Bring your Guitar or harmonica.

—Dennis Lynde

In this historic shot, Bill Hutchinson waves hello.





Looks like a game of liar’s dice under cover.









































































MDR-SD Race and Catalina Weekend

Next up on the AYC calendar: the Marina del Rey to San Diego race plus the traditional weekend at the Isthmus on Catalina Island. The gathering at the Isthmus will happen Friday-Sunday, July 6-8. It includes games and food with the SMWYC, as usual. Contact Matt Clark of SMWYC to let him know you’re coming. And contact AYC Cruising Captain Mike Parker for further information.

This is the 45th year the race has been held, and our partners at the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club are hoping for a very big turnout. Here’s their appeal:

We’re doing the 45th MDR to San Diego Anniversary running of this prestigious event which in the past drew over 350 boats. This year, we would really like to reach 45 boats for the 45th running.

We’re planning on having a great pre-race party with a professional band, award-winning BBQ cookery from Big Mista and we’re expecting so many people that we’re hosting it in our parking lot.

It’s an easy event, starting right in our Marina, and now we have professional weather routing services for the race.

We’re starting the San Diego race on Saturday June 30th and will finish in San Diego on the 1st in time for the 4th of July on Wednesday.

We’re also having a return cruise to Catalina if you have the inclination, at the same time as Del Rey Yacht Club, which is going there on the 5th of July for the fireworks. Here’s the SD-MDR NOR.

Marina del Rey to San Diego to Isthmus 2012

It’s one of the fun weeks of the summer: the Marina del Rey to San Diego race followed by the gathering at Catalina Island at the Isthmus.

Here’s the notice of race for the MDR-SD portion, the weekend of 6/30-7/1.

Then we’ll gather at the Isthmus on July 6-8 for the annual event with the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club (SMWYC). For those who haven’t done this before, you should know that our friends from SMWYC put on a great weekend, with barbeque, volleyball, horseshoes, and a fun race of some kind for the Commodores or the Commodore’s representative. AYC participation has dropped off in the last couple years, but Cruising Captain Mike Parker says he plans to be there and hopes you’ll join him.

More details of the Isthmus event still to come.

Rock & Roll into 2012-2013

90 people attended The Party at the Fiesta Inn. Photos: Mike Ferring

The Party lived up to its name Saturday night (5/12).

Headed by the band, Los Big Grandes, with lead guitar player and J/80 sailor Chris Smith, some 90 members and guests celebrated the end and the beginning of AYC membership years.

The new board took office: Mike Ferring as new (and returning) Commodore heading a team that includes Joe Motil (Sr Staff Commodore), Emory Heisler (Jr Staff Commodore), Decker Williams (Vice Commodore), Bob Whyte (Rear Commodore), Greg Woodcock (Fleet Captain), Mike Parker (Cruising Captain), Brenda Shears (Membership Director), Thom Dickerson (Membership Director), Tony Chapman (Treasurer), and Peter Lehrach (Secretary).

The Club’s top annual honor is the U.S. Sailing Sportsmanship Award, our Most Valuable Player honor, and this year it went to Tony Chapman, recognizing the leadership role he’s played in the organization for several years, including as treasurer for both AYC and ASF.

Trey Harlow and Dave Willis with the punch bowl

Martin Lorch handed over the big punch bowl, the AYC Club Championship trophy, to Trey Harlow and his crew, Dave Willis. The two won the prize in last weekend’s seven-way championship race. Trey also handed out nicely framed photos to the winners of the year’s fleets.

Al and Sandy Lehman and Mike Yarnell and Tia Renshaw were officially presented with their Honorary Life Member status (including shirts displaying their new standing).

ASF President John Mayall presented the Wayne Jason Tucker Award for most improved Junior to Ema Davis and the “Heavy Lifting” Award to Danielle Kiel for supporting junior sailing.

Somehow the PHRF Spin fleet at the Tall Cactus regatta won the Blunder Bucket. Their blunder: not hanging around for dinner or spending the night.

Then it was time for some rock and roll and even some blues. Emory Heisler stepped in to join the band as guest lead vocalist on a couple songs. Los Big Grandes made the trip from Tucson for the event, for which we thank them hugely. Their only pay: a big bottle of tequila.

Pictures from Chrisann Tortora available here.

Emory Heisler, guest singer.

This Year It’s The Party! Saturday Night, May 12

NOTE: Bring green folding money for the cash bar. No credit cards.

What it is: The AYC End-of-Year Party and Changing of the Guard
Where it is: The Fiesta Inn, 2100 South Priest, Tempe
When it is: Saturday night, May 12, with cocktails at 6, dinner at 7 and dancing as late as you and the band can hack it.
Why: Congratulate, Recognize, Award, Celebrate!
Dress code: Business casual or whatever moves you. (Dave Christensen can wear his flip flops.)
The band: Los Big Grandes with sailor/guitarman Chris Smith

Los Big Grandes with Chris Smith on the right.

Oh, sure, we’ll pass out some awards and swear in the new board, but mostly it’s a time to have fun with your sailing pals, enjoy a nice dinner and rock out. We promise to keep the speeches to an absolute minimum and the fun to an absolute maximum.

The band is led by J/80 sailor Chris Smith, the band coyly called Los Big Grandes, and they’re huge. Muy humongous gigante. Rock and roll. Yes, they’re loud, but we’ll have room for people who just want to talk, too. But come dance.

The dinner: You have a choice of four main courses, all including salad and dessert.

  1. Citrus Marinated and Grilled Chicken Breast with Mango Pineapple Salsa
  2. Roulade Medallions of Pork Loin stuffed with Apple Chutney and topped with Demi-Glace
  3. Oven Roasted Fillet of Halibut with Basil Butter topped with Tomato, Kalamata Olive and Red Onion Balsamic Relish
  4. Chile-Rubbed New York Strip topped with Mushrooms, Onions and Bacon Ragout. Served with Merlot Sauce

Registration is closed for this event.

Children? Bring them! We have chicken fingers or mac & cheese for the kids at $14.95, cheaper than a baby sitter and more fun by far.

Questions? Contact Mike or Maryellen Ferring.

The entrance to The Party. The bar is just to your left. Belly up.

The room before we've filled it with tables and Maryellen has decorated it with centerpieces. The band will be off there to the left.

Worrall Flashes to Humbug First; Jackson Wins

The 2012 Tall Cactus Regatta and Siesta is now in the books.  Mike Parker will be posting pics and video of the beautiful sailing conditions and the picture-perfect downwind sailing first leg of the regatta, followed by pictures of the finish line busted open by a Catalina 22: Spirit, driven by Bob Worrall. Bob was closely followed by Greg Jackson’s Viper, flying down the canyon with spinnaker flying just 15 seconds behind but “adjusting” in over Bob for a 3-peat victory!

The racing was followed by the fun and food by all including some rattlesnake sitings and the Bean Pot was duly awarded to the Spin Fleet representative after a fierce battle (and a bit of skulduggery by the Non-spin fleet).

Mike offers a great BIG thanks to Patty Rosky for the encouragement and moral support all day, to Bob Worrall for tending the steaks and salmon, to Kyle Clark for the use of his dinghy, and all the folks who made it a pleasure to share a fine meal and fireside chat (minus the fire) in to the late afternoon.

Not What You See From Cruise Ships

A gaggle of geese check out Martin Lorch on board the 34-foot boat.

Martin Lorch took us on a seven-day tour of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada, at the next membership meeting, Tuesday, April 10.

The scenery is as spectacular as the pictures suggest. Martin put us on board a 34’ Beneteau, departing from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC. From there the names and the adventures got even more fascinating: across the Strait of Georgia to the Sunshine Coast, to Secret Cove just north of Sechelt, Pender Harbour, then through the Agamemnon Channel to Egmont and the Skookumchuk Narrows (the mouth to the Sechelt Inlet), then through Saltery Bay, around Hardy Island to Van Anda on Texada Island, and across to Powell River and to Lund, Copeland Island, Bliss Landing which is at the entrance of Desolation Sound. Returning to Nanaimo by way of Scottie Bay on Lasqueti Island, through Sabine Channel, back to Pender Harbour/Garden Bay.

Thank you Martin nfor sharing this extraordinary adventure with us at the April 12 membership meeting!

The Sunshine Coast. What's another word for "breathtaking"?

Clean the highway for fun and AYC marketing.

Mock-up of a sign you'll see near Lake Pleasant. If you help.

Here’s a great three-fer:

1. Keep the highway to Lake Pleasant clean.
2. Have a good time with your AYC pals.
3. Spread the good name of the Arizona Yacht Club

Come and join us!! We’re looking for a few volunteers to walk 1.5 miles of State Road 74 (Carefree Highway) as it approaches the Pleasant Harbor turn. We’ll do it Saturday morning, May 19, starting at 9 am and we’ll cap it off with lunch/brunch/beer at Wild Horse West Saloon. AYC will buy lunch.

If you can help, please get in touch with Peter Lehrach at peter.lehrach@cox.com or 602.741.2016.

Here’s the deal. To earn the road sign shown in the photo, AYC needs to bag debris four times a year. We’ll provide the bags, gloves, high visibility safety vests, water, and lunch afterwards for our first pick-up. ADOT requires that volunteers be at least 12 years old and that they wear sturdy shoes.

We’ll make this 2-3 hour activity fun, and I’m sure you’ll feel good about improving the environment while making the drive to Lake Pleasant better for everyone.

Christmas Buccaneer Gift Exchange, Tuesday, December 13

December’s membership meeting brings the annual AYC gift exchange, a gift exchange with a twist. You might say twisted, even. The meeting is at 7 pm, Tuesday, December 13, at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe.

Here’s how the gift exchange works:

  • You bring a wrapped gift valued at less than $20.
  • You pick a number from a hat to determine the order we select gifts.
  • We’ll have two people called to the front of the room at the same time.
  • Each person can choose to pick a wrapped gift from the pile or play pirate and take the gift from someone who’s already opened one.
  • Gifts can be “pirated” only twice before they’re safe from further theft.

Consider giving AYC goodies as Christmas gifts. The Ship’s Store will be open at the meeting. Other gift suggestions: Liquor always seems to bring applause!

Peter Reggio: “A little too honest”

Peter “Luigi” Reggio is one of the top race officers in the world and certainly the most entertaining. In fact, he confesses, “I’m  probably a little too honest with what I say.”

Perfect! Just what we need for a lively AYC membership meeting and Luigi will be our guest speaker for the Tuesday (11/8) gathering, starting promptly at 7pm at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills (previously known as the 19th Tee).

AYC November speaker Peter "Luigi" Reggio

AYC November speaker Peter "Luigi" Reggio

He comes to us as part of the US Sailing Speaker Series, accompanied by a tasting of Old Pulteney Single Malt Whiskey, for those so inclined.

Why “Luigi”? He told Sailing World magazine: “There were five guys on the floor named Peter when I worked at North Sails-Connecticut in the 1970s. I got Luigi because of my last name. The  [nicknames] for the other four are unprintable.” His has stuck through nearly four decades of sailing experience, including serving as the Principal Race Officer for a host of national and world events, including the America’s Cup. But what about that AC job?

He told the members of the Golden Gate Yacht Club in April, “[In past AC races] they’d leave the starting line and speed test [to the windward mark] for seven minutes. That’s just boring, I’m sorry. I can’t tell you how boring an AC race is to run anyway. Well, 3½ mile beat! Snore.”

So Luigi is part of the brain trust coming up with a far more exciting plan. Here’s another quote from that same GGYC meeting: “What we did was set a windward mark and give them… two minutes upwind, round to starboard, set [spinnaker], and you have to jibe instantly to get back to the starting line. There’s a lot of stuff going on! They’ve got three or four minutes of the entry, that’s going on, they go upwind, they get there together—I guarantee you in two minutes they’re going to get to the top mark together—then they spin around and have a crash jibe which is usually really spectacular, especially in catamarans—when things go bad it’s kinda cool… The person watching TV is like, ‘Maybe something else bad will happen, maybe I’ll stick around.'”

If you saw the video from the AC45 World Series in Plymouth, you know it was anything but “just boring.” I think you can tell something from this little taste of Luigi. Anything but boring!

Peter Isler’s Close Call

Peter Isler points out where Rambler's keel should be.

Peter Isler points out where Rambler's keel should be. Photos: Mike Ferring

(Note: Video excerpt of Peter’s talk available at the bottom of this post.)

Out of air, swimming madly, spotting two black dots, hoping they were a crewman’s boots, reaching for them. Snatched from the water, gasping for the best breath of air he’d ever had. It was Peter Isler’s watery escape from the huge monohull racing boat Rambler after her keel suddenly snapped off during heavy seas in the Fastnet, plunging to the bottom, unbalancing and turtling the boat in minutes.

Peter recounted the story in dramatic detail for the AYC membership meeting Tuesday night (10/11) before a packed house. The Rambler crew all survived, but it was clear from Peter’s description that there were several close calls and some of the crew might have been saved by a timely photograph. A photograph? Moments before the crash, a photographer took a scheduled shot of the crew on the rail, all properly lined up in PFDs. Even though everyone was supposed to wear PFDs on deck, it didn’t always happen. The picture did it.

Peter autographs his new book.

Peter autographs his new book.

Many in the room full of AYCers went home after the meeting clutching an autographed copy of Peter’s latest book, Peter Isler’s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets, a collection of random thoughts, recollections and suggestions from a life at sail. Here’s a guy who was the best college sailor in the country during his time at Yale, hanging out with people like Stan Honey, last year’s Rolex Yachtsman of the Year. He was onboard as Dennis Connor brought the America’s Cup back from Australia and has been part of four Cup campaigns since. He’s announced for ESPN and Versus Cup broadcasts. He’s participated in a Volvo around-the-world campaign. He’s helped develop the leading software for competition sailing. He’s written several books. And now he’s in demand as a motivational speaker. That’s some kind of life at sail.

Next month: another star attraction will appear at the AYC membership meeting, Tuesday, November 15, at 7pm at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills. Peter “Luigi” Reggio, one of the world’s top race officers and easily the funniest and most outspoken.

The Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills was filled with AYC people.

The Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills was filled with AYC people.

Here’s a portion of Peter’s talk, shot and edited by Mike Ferring:

Racers’ Party September 9, 5-7 pm

Merit 25s downwind. Photo: Chris Smith

The Racers’ Party is on! Join the crowd in a private room at McCormick & Schmick’s, 2575 E. Camelback Rd. from 5-7 pm, Friday, September 9.

This is a purely social, informal gathering of race entrants and crew—and people who are interested in becoming entrants or crew. It’s a cash bar and some AYC-provided munchies. You’re also welcome to order something off the menu.

The restaurant is at the Esplanade (across from the Biltmore Fashion Square mall). You can use valet parking or park in the giant parking garage behind the restaurant. Parking in the garage is free; simply bring your ticket to be stamped.

Questions? Check with Mike or Maryellen Ferring or Mike Parker.

Green Fleet – What’s That?

Learn Sailing at Any Age!

The Green Fleet is for new or “Less Serious” racers!

 Are you new to sailing or sailboat racing?  Are you trying to build a new crew to campaign next year?  Are you crew that wants some experience before stepping up to the big leagues?  Do you like to go sail with friends but want a little less pressure?   Is the most important thing on your boat your snacks?

Then the green fleet is for you!  For those who don’t know me, I’m Rob Gibbs.  I’m a US Sailing Certified Small Boat Instructor, a dinghie racer, a father of 2 and a husband of 1, and a guy who, up to this point, went sailing with his buddies and left the family at home.  Now that the kids are bigger and the wife is willing, we’ve got a bigger boat and “have fun and learn something” attitude.

Together with Emory Heisler (at TTL) our goal with the Green Fleet is to lower the barriers to entry to the sport we have come to love.  What that means to you is up to you!  If you have kids and resisted racing with the family, no more excuses!  If you want the opportunity to get out and practice in a safe, monitored environment without the pressure of racing, here’s your chance!

We’ll get together on Sat mornings (if you want) and introduce/review sailing concepts like Points of Sail & Trim.  We’ll go over the Rules of the Road, how to start, what the course chart is here and what it might be somewhere else.  If you have specific questions or topics you want covered, let me know!

Also, if you are crew and would like to secure a spot on one of the boats, please let me know.  There are some open positions I know of right now and there might be more as the season goes on.

My email is RobDaSailor@gmail.com.  For more information, check out the Green Fleet Page or just come sail with us!

Kinnikinick – 2011 “Escape to Pine Mountain”

For more about 2011 Kinnikinick check out this story from the Tucson Sailing Club. They and Lake Pleasant Sailing Club joined this year’s AYC annual campout in the woods, the Kinnikinick weekend, and Peter Burgard snapped some pictures and wrote some words and published them in the club’s newsletter. Click HERE for the TSC Aug 2011 Windbreaker newsletter.

Kinnikinick Kampout 2011
Cruising Captain – Mike Parker

The 2011 “Escape to Pine Mountain” was a huge event for my family. It was our first scheduled opportunity to escape the heat, the traffic, and the playstation in the valley of the SUN. Not that the event as a whole was so huge, but getting my kids away from the TV was virtually miraculous. Many obstacles had to be overcome. Things like sudden onset of a ailment requiring proximity to a bathroom, to queasy carsick feelings of the back row passengers in a SUV crammed with six people, camping gear, chairs, outdoor games, and a midsized dog. All of it resolved with patience, no schedule, and the first potty stop at 6500 feet and 80 degree sunshine.

We arrived as scheduled – Saturday sometime. There where already some adventurous and practiced campers setup in the area with sailing burghy and race mark signalling their territory and that we where in the right place. Paper plates guiding the way to the fresh and clean porta-potties spaced out around some shady and pine needle covered tent spots. We picked up a mooring… i mean, a camp spot upwind of the potty, and the kids took off into the woods like oil dripped on water. No video games, music players, or fighting over computer time… it was just about heaven.

After unloading the gear and making lunch – amazing how the kids will wander back just as you are finishing food prep – we were joined by helpful (and hungry) kids from the already established camps. Tents setup, camp gear stowed, we set off to mingle with the others already playing horse shoes and relaxing in the cool shade around the fire pit.

Members of Lake Pleasant Sailing Club, Arizona Yacht Club, and Tucson Sailing club were all strewn about the gentle slope in all sizes of tents, camp trailers, and vans. Ahhh, such a heart warming – cool weather – sight!

A few hearty sailors who took a stack of Lasers to the lake for some afternoon sailing while most others took a nice nap. The winds must have been perfect, since one of the sailors related that he had never gone so fast in a laser before. It’s amazing what a “Fresh” breeze and no hills to funnel the wind can do for you. Later in the afternoon, while relaxing and getting to know some of our TSC and LPSC brethren, our attention was drawn to the table where piles of shish kebabs, pots of corn, and plates of veggies and sides where being dropped from campers all around. Dinner was imminent. And from the looks of things, it was going to be an amazing feast. Off to camp, we brought out offering, including another table to pile the overflowing food (and adult beverages).

And it was an amazing feast. Of course, my kids only ate the hot dogs and way too many sm’ores cooked over the sensible and warming campfire, but that is OK, more kabobs for me.

All – in – all, about 60 people made up the campout this year. Perhaps it was a light turnout for the annual event. But it was fun, and we got to meet some very friendly people who were there to have a good time in the peace and quiet – and coolness – of the not so distant forest. I have always had to move mountains to make it to the mountains, but once I get there, the people, the peace, and the separation of all things buzzing and chirping always make it worth the effort.

Upcoming Racing News

We’re a mere two months of 106-degree temps from the beginning of Lake Pleasant (LP) racing and one month from the scorching start of Tempe Town Lake (TTL) “fall” racing. Here’s a taste of what’s upcoming:
  1. AYC will have a meet-and-greet party for entrants and crew before the LP season begins. We’re thinking it would be a Friday after-work type gathering with beer and munchies to link entrants and crew—and just to have fun. More to follow.
  2. Rob Gibbs is resurrecting the Challenger Fleet for LP Fall, only he’s calling it the “Green” fleet. The Challenger Fleet was the creation of Patty Rosky and it helped introduce several sailors to the fun of sailboat racing. Now Rob has turned it Green and is turning down the pressure even more: now the starts are for fun, there’s no such thing as a protest, and they won’t even keep score. More information here.
  3. We will go ahead with a fall ASF Introduction to Sailboat Racing class. If you’d like to learn more about the game, from procedures to rules to tactics and if you’d like to get several hours of time on the water with oodles of starts, this is a good way to do it. More information here.
  4. Finally, here’s a short report on the results of a survey of race entrants and crew that I did in June. We found that roughly 25% of recent entrants and crew won’t be sailing this fall, which means we need to replace that many to maintain the entry level. We found that nearly everyone likes the racing. And we found that entrants and crew tend to connect this way: 1) because they know each other; 2) because someone refers them; 3) (and a distant last choice) because of the crew list. The survey also produced some good suggestions on how to improve the way crew and entrants connect.

If you’d like to see a more detailed copy of the results of the survey, e-mail me at mike@ferrings.com.

Meantime, of course, there’s the Heat Stroke Series for all of you not afraid of a little, mmmm, heat stroke.

June is for Fun – AYC Family Night!

Maryellen Ferring plays Alex Trebeck in front of the AYC crowd at the June membership meeting. Ten teams vied for prizes by answering sailing questions. Photo: Mike Parker

Sailors ate limes to prevent scurvy, right? Michael Bernard won the AYC Laser fleet this year, right? Right. And if you got those right, you were cheering Tuesday night (6/14) when your team faced off against 9 others to score some prizes at the AYC membership meeting.

Maryellen and Mike Ferring brought the questions and some high-tech gear to simultaneously score 10 teams on 21 sailing questions—and mostly to have a good time on Family Fun Night. 

It was a close finish, with the “Spinnaker” team of David Rawstrom, Mike Parker, Tony Eanes, and Mary Kay Farrington Lorch squeaking out a two-point victory.

In the night’s other contest, Dominic and Marek Sycamore (ages 11 and 9) walked off with the biggest prizes and the biggest smiles after correctly identifying more Opti boat parts than the other kids in the room. Dominic clutched an iPod Shuffle and Marek an LED headlight. 

It was enough fun that the crowd of 65+ chattered into the evening against a video backdrop of Australian Skiffs committing mayhem in Sydney Harbor. 

Join us next month, July 12th, for a “new twist” on the Ice Cream Social!

          Mike Ferring – Rear Commodore 

Commodore’s Celebration – Thank You Long-time AYC Members!

We had a great celebration with almost 60 attendees, and lots of fun watching photos of ASF students practicing capsize drills and making fun of each other in our semi-annual Blunder Bucket award selection process.

The Board and Members of AYC would like to take this moment to recognize our long time members, the people and families that have built the club we all have to share and celebrate!

THANK YOU AYC for “Paying it forward!” “Paying it back!” And “Staying the course!”

50+ Year AYC Members
Frank & Mary Lou Bigelow 52
Roger & Paula Hocken 51

40-49 Year AYC Members
Charles McCoy 49
Joe Aneta & “Punkie” Rowe 46
Donald Hubele 45
Donald DeFreze 44
John & Jackie Lugo 44
Bill Jennings 44
Thomas & Rose Marie Gilb 44
Jack & Harriet Haskell 40

30-39 Year AYC Members
Robert & Suzanne Frazier Jr. 37
Robert & Melanie Ball 37
Dennis & Linda Lynde 37
Anthony & Karen Zelenak 37
Jim & Katherine Swartz 37
Dan Schott 36
Al & Sandy Lehman 36
Ronald & Diane Campo 35
Joyce Alverson 34
Pat & Janet Guthrie 33
Jerry & Marty Booher 33
Tom & Carol Ohlin Sr 32
Wayne & Dotty Tucker 32

20-29 Year AYC Members
Arthur K. & Jean Carlson 29
Joseph & Linda Laux,Jr. 28
Patty Rosky 26
Charles & Deborah Fife 26
Frank & Margaret Putman 26
Michael & Teresa Easley 24
June H. Ginall 24
George & Carol Sheller 24
Tom Errickson 23
Mike Champlin 23
Ricky & Susan Gilchrist 23
Paul & Teresa L Pinter, Jr. 23
Al & Christina Lehman 22
Larry & Debra Green 22
Steve & Angela Nahkala 22
Michael Yarnell 22
Tia Renshaw 22
Dan & Sheila Rinder 21
Bill & Angela Hutchinson 20
J. Stephen & Lucy Howell 20
Jim & Paula Douglas 20

10-19 Year AYC Members
Raymond & Marjorie Gazzera 19
Jo & Dale Mogle 18
Robert & Joyce Worrall 18
Edward & Reiko Lynch Jr. 18
Rick Johnson 17
Thomas Coury 16
David Cummings 16
George & Barbara Tingom 16
Tom & Sheryl West 16
John & Kristine Wilcox 15
Patrick & Marsha Blumm 15
Peter & Lindamarie Schweizer 15
Skip & Christy Kempff 15
Roger Butterwick 14
George & Barbara Irwin 14
Darrell Carapetyan 14
Dennis Martinelli 14
Sheila Reed 14
Cyrus & Joan Zittle 14
David Cummings 14
Michael T & Tracy L Ewens 14
Jason & Brenda Rziha 14
Hartley & Lesley Gardner 14
10-13 Year AYC Members!
Steve Groce 13
Mark Mollison 13
Chris Robertson 13
James & Elaine Batz 13
Robert Nesbit 12
Larry & Kathleen Wheaton 12
Rusty & Jill Keagle 12
Todd Schiller 12
Mike & Maryellen Ferring 11
Brett Bigelow 11
Dale & Jean Zobel 11
Diana Johns 11
Steve & Jan Dolter 11
Mark & Jean Lasee 10
David & Carol Rawstrom 10
Kyle Clark 10
Travis & Jennifer Kenyon 10
Dave & Wendy Christensen 10
Ed Lindow 10
Ben Doane 10
Andrew Jody Dean 10
Steve Kusic 10

THANK YOU AYC for “Paying it forward!” “Paying it back!” And “Staying the course!”