Crew Connections

Crew List last updated: Dec-27, 2022 (last entry received)

Like to race sailboats but don’t have a boat?
Register here to become that most valuable person: reliable, able crew. Matching crew and boats is more art than science, but this is a good place to start. Offer your contact information, tell us a little about yourself and when you can crew, and hit “Confirm.” Skippers looking for crew can access the list below and also on the racing page.

Next step: mingle.
Don’t simply wait for the phone to ring, but get out and mingle during club meetings, post-race gatherings, or wherever AYC racers are found. Racers are much more likely to call on people they’ve met and know.

What are skippers looking for in crew?
1. Reliability and availability, 2. Good attitude, 3. Skill.
In that order. Even if you’ve never been on a sailboat, if you can handle 1 & 2, you’ll be in demand.

Featured photo: Mike Ferring