Racing Party – Get New Crew! Find a Ride!

Come out and show how you operate BETWEEN THE SHEETS!

Join us UP-town and meet the racing gang at McKormick and Schmicks on Camelback Rd. AYC will have run of a little side room and be free to mingle with the landlubbers as needed over the rest of the place.

We will have PRIZES and FOOD, and I may let you have a bite of my nachos (if you are nice).

Who’s invited?
– Rookie crew who want to find a ride,
– Seasoned salts who want to shop their wares to the highest bidder
– Maniacal Malevolent Skippers looking to fill a hole in their motley crew
– Peeps looking to see what all this racing thing is about (read = Green Fleet)
– Sailors looking to promote our fine sport among the land-locked masses.
– YOU!!

Prize #1 Best Crew Resume!
Prize #2 Best Skipper Presentation – (hope to have a projector and computer)
Prize #3 Most inspiring story of “worst for first” (crew or skipper)
Prize #4 Most representatives of ANY fleet (my discretion)

Even if you are set for boat and crew – git yer keel out here and Party like a Pirate! There is a AMC Movie Theatre next door, shopping across the street. Make a night of it with your buddies, significant other, or both!!

Also sounds like a good time for a: FLEET MEETING –
Buccaneers, PHRF, SPIN, Catalina 22, Thistles, Merits, Portsmouth, – YOU COULD BE A WINNER

 Google Map of Location – 2575 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Michael Parker
Cruising Captain (aka AYC Party Manager!), complaint line = 602.273.1341)

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