Commodore's Corner – September 2011

September is here and we hope the last days of super hot weather have passed by for 2011. And that makes it time to look forward to 2011 FALL SERIES!
Racing for many of us isn’t as much about the big pressure to win as it is about having a scheduled time to get out and spend some times with some of our best friends doing one of our favorite things.
If you’ve ever thought, “I’m not ready to race.”, check out the “Green Fleet” to find out more about ways to get out on the water on a regular basis, to join in the fun but to set aside some of the the “intensity” Green Fleets will be forming at BOTH Lake Pleasant or Tempe Town Lake.
And for the more competitive among us, or those of us that want to be, we also will have Introduction to Racing Class this month to help move you up the finishing place ladder.
Need crew? Want to crew? Check out the “Racer’s Party” next Friday 9/9.
The power boats start winterizing after Labor Day…we start SAILING!  This is OUR TIME of year!
Emory Heisler
p.s. How about those new membership cards, eh? Tap Brenda Shears, Roger Butterwick and Mike Ferring on the shoulder to say “Thanks!” for the nice work they did organizing and creating our new AYC Membership Cards!

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