September 2011 – Compass Points

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Get yer boat ready!  Get yer crew figer’d out!  It’s TIME…for AYC 2011-12 Racing Season Opening Day. New to racing? Check out the “Racer’s Meet and Greet” party 9/9/2011, or join the new “Green Fleet” for a good excuse to sail without pressure to WIN!
1) Commodore’s Corner – Let the Games Begin!
2) Dating Game-Sept. 9th! Get Your Crew for 2011-12
3) 2011-12 Opening Day – Get Your Game On!
4) New to Racing?  Check Out the Green Fleet!
5) Welcome New Members! 
6) Kinninikinick Kampout with AYC, TSC and LSC! 
7) Get Your Sailing Kicks on Route 66 – BNAC 2011
8) Fleet of the Month – Buccaneer 18
9) 2011 Heatstroke Series Final Scores
10) For Sale! Want Ads!

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