New Portable Race Committee Station at TTL

The C14 TTL Race Committee using the new whatchamacallit. Inventor David Rawstrom stands at the left.

Version H, of the Portable Race Committee Station is what David Rawstrom calls it. The mad inventor and fabricator has created all of the Tempe Town Lake race committee “boxes” over the years, graduating from boards and PVC poles at the turn of the century through various versions.
This is the most elaborate version yet, built of a box from the long-discarded LP committee boat, a very tall flag pole, various bits of hardware, conjured with toil and trouble and eye of newt.

The new horn is loud. The new flag pole flies flags higher. There’s a VHF radio for communicating with the safety boat. And Martin Lorch tell us it drives much better on smooth-running wheels.
Thanks, Captain Rawstrom!!!

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