Court Roberts Takes Governor's Cup

Court Roberts smoked the field in the 2011 Governor’s Cup, held the day after Christmas, December 26.
Court and crew sailed his Melges 24 the way Buddy would want him to: Start strong and extend your lead. They took a commanding lead early in the race and then pulled it out as other boats sailed into the dark on the 26+ mile race course. Gary Overbeck in a Montgomery 17 slipped in ahead of Bob Worrall’s C22 as the two finished second and third in the handicap scoring.
The wind started light and finished light, with some nice breeze in the early afternoon. It was a stark contrast to the wind that greeted the racers for the original post-Thanksgiving date, when heavy wind forced cancellation.
George Tingom in a C14 corrected over Brett Johnston’s Nacra 6.0 in a second class, a group that sailed half the distance of the others.
Here are the scores for the race.

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