Pocket Cruisers at Lake Havasu

Linda and I just spent a week in Lake Havasu at the Havasu Pocket cruiser convention and had a great time. There were around 200 boats from all over the US and Canada that showed up for some really fun sailing and racing, which I believe was a little more than just fun for some. The races are very loosely ruled, and no Protests are allowed, just gentlemanly conduct, and there was a lot of that. Everyone behaved well, and there were several race seminars held for those who didn’t understand the rules.
There was also a parade of boats under the London Bridge. If you would like to see a collection of photos from this years convention,

Lake Havasu has a great organization putting on this event and have quite a few seminars, manufacturers, sail makers, west marine, and ruddercraft, JO woodworks and many more there. They procured great deals on the rooms at the London Bridge resort, we stayed there and all rooms are suites and very nice, and are next to the convention center and boat docks, and 5.00 a night slips, free launching, and they sponsor their local Sea Scouts, and had a book sale this year, auctioned a donated boat, and built a dinghy behind the convention center this year for the Sea Scouts. Of course they also had a great party Thursday night, and Saturday night was awards and trophy’s for racing, and more.

The Pocket Cruiser Convention is very family oriented, but only about 4 children showed up that I counted. The real reward was meeting so many nice people, seeing so many beautiful boats, and returning to a sailing venue I hadn’t seen in 20 or so years. By the way, there is no entry fee, and all the seminars and racing are free, and you only have to spend the gas money to get there. I am already planning to be there next year, and would hope to see a lot more Arizona yacht Club burgees flying at the marina.

Yes, this interferes with the first LP Race weekend, but if you are interested we can work with the board to take this event into consideration on next year’s calender. Either way, to me it is worth missing a race weekend to enjoy the good food, plenty of racing, a whole week of sailing, or you could just come for a couple of days since there are no entry fees. Let Sean know you’re coming and he puts this whole thing together.
Dennis Lynde

Dennis, Linda Lynde and “Tynee”

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