AYC Board Nominations and Proposed Bylaws Changes

The AYC Board of Directors is proposing two changes to the club bylaws and voting on the changes will happen at the same time as the election of a new Board of Directors.
The two changes are these:

  1. To extend the age eligibility for Junior Membership from the current 21 to 25. The intent is to try to draw more Junior Members, including more college students. Junior Members may not vote in elections, but can carry membership cards and enter club races as members.
  2. To permit electronic voting in club elections. It’s now possible to conduct secure, online elections, reducing the difficulty and cost of conducting the annual club election, which the bylaws require be done by mail. As of this time, all but two or three club members have email addresses and online access. The change in the bylaws would allow these few members to continue to vote by mail, if they wish.

Here is a PDF of all the changes.
And here is the link to the current bylaws.
The Board unanimously recommends passage of the changes. Mailed ballots will go out after the first of April.
On those ballots we will also have the following candidates nominated by our Nominating committee! POSITION-NOMINEE-NOMINATED BY

  • Commodore – Mike Ferring – Sport boat (Ferring)
  • Vice Commodore – Decker Williams – Sport boat (Ferring)
  • Rear Commodore – Bob Whyte – Sport boat (Ferring)
  • Fleet Captain – Greg Woodcock – Spin (Andress)
  • Membership (2 year) – Thom Dickerson – Thistle (Dickerson)
  • Cruising – Mike Parker Buccaneer – (Davis)
  • Staff Commodore (2 year) – Emory Heisler – (bylaws)

And two more volunteers that are scheduled to be nominated and elected by the Board

  • Secretary – Peter Lehrach – Sport boat (Ferring)
  • Treasurer – Tony Chapman – Sport boat (Chapman)

Thank you one and all!

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