Clean the highway for fun and AYC marketing.

Mock-up of a sign you'll see near Lake Pleasant. If you help.

Here’s a great three-fer:
1. Keep the highway to Lake Pleasant clean.
2. Have a good time with your AYC pals.
3. Spread the good name of the Arizona Yacht Club
Come and join us!! We’re looking for a few volunteers to walk 1.5 miles of State Road 74 (Carefree Highway) as it approaches the Pleasant Harbor turn. We’ll do it Saturday morning, May 19, starting at 9 am and we’ll cap it off with lunch/brunch/beer at Wild Horse West Saloon. AYC will buy lunch.
If you can help, please get in touch with Peter Lehrach at or 602.741.2016.
Here’s the deal. To earn the road sign shown in the photo, AYC needs to bag debris four times a year. We’ll provide the bags, gloves, high visibility safety vests, water, and lunch afterwards for our first pick-up. ADOT requires that volunteers be at least 12 years old and that they wear sturdy shoes.
We’ll make this 2-3 hour activity fun, and I’m sure you’ll feel good about improving the environment while making the drive to Lake Pleasant better for everyone.

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