This Year It's The Party! Saturday Night, May 12

NOTE: Bring green folding money for the cash bar. No credit cards.
What it is: The AYC End-of-Year Party and Changing of the Guard
Where it is: The Fiesta Inn, 2100 South Priest, Tempe
When it is: Saturday night, May 12, with cocktails at 6, dinner at 7 and dancing as late as you and the band can hack it.
Why: Congratulate, Recognize, Award, Celebrate!
Dress code: Business casual or whatever moves you. (Dave Christensen can wear his flip flops.)
The band: Los Big Grandes with sailor/guitarman Chris Smith

Los Big Grandes with Chris Smith on the right.

Oh, sure, we’ll pass out some awards and swear in the new board, but mostly it’s a time to have fun with your sailing pals, enjoy a nice dinner and rock out. We promise to keep the speeches to an absolute minimum and the fun to an absolute maximum.
The band is led by J/80 sailor Chris Smith, the band coyly called Los Big Grandes, and they’re huge. Muy humongous gigante. Rock and roll. Yes, they’re loud, but we’ll have room for people who just want to talk, too. But come dance.
The dinner: You have a choice of four main courses, all including salad and dessert.

  1. Citrus Marinated and Grilled Chicken Breast with Mango Pineapple Salsa
  2. Roulade Medallions of Pork Loin stuffed with Apple Chutney and topped with Demi-Glace
  3. Oven Roasted Fillet of Halibut with Basil Butter topped with Tomato, Kalamata Olive and Red Onion Balsamic Relish
  4. Chile-Rubbed New York Strip topped with Mushrooms, Onions and Bacon Ragout. Served with Merlot Sauce

Registration is closed for this event.
Children? Bring them! We have chicken fingers or mac & cheese for the kids at $14.95, cheaper than a baby sitter and more fun by far.
Questions? Contact Mike or Maryellen Ferring.

The entrance to The Party. The bar is just to your left. Belly up.

The room before we've filled it with tables and Maryellen has decorated it with centerpieces. The band will be off there to the left.

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