AYC 2012-2013 Board of Directors Election Results

95 Ballots were received, 89 were “accepted” (mailed by 5/1 and received by 5/8, signed by member on outer envelope for checking with Membership Roster), and all Board of Directors Candidates received at least 83 votes from the 89 ballots counted.
Immediately following vote counting a Board of Directors meeting was held with the NEW Board. The new board, chaired by new Commodore Michael Ferring, elected our Secretary and Treasurer positions completing our 2012-2013 AYC Board of Directors (see below).
The AYC Bylaw change to modify the definition of “Junior Member” was approved 80 YES to 9 NO (“Juniors” can now be up to 25 years old).
The AYC Bylaw change to allow “Electronic Voting” was approved 82 YES to 7 NO (please remember that “manual” voting will still be an option for any members desiring to receive paper ballots in the future.)
Congratulations – and THANK YOU – to our new AYC Board of Directors:

  • Sr. Staff Commodore – Joe Motil (2nd year of 2-year term)
  • Jr. Staff Commodore – Emory Heisler (1st year of 2-year term)
  • Commodore – Michael Ferring (his 2nd “tour of duty”)
  • Vice Commodore – Decker Williams
  • Rear Commodore – Bob Whyte
  • Racing Fleet Captain – Greg Woodcock
  • Cruising Fleet Captain – Michael Parker
  • Membership Director – Brenda Shears (2nd year of 2-year term)
  • Membership Director – Thom Dickerson (1st year of 2-year term)
  • Treasurer – Tony Chapman
  • Secretary – Peter Lehrach

Thank you to our outgoing Sr. Staff Commodore Greg Jackson for your 5 years of service, and also thank you to everyone that voted for your support of our voting process.
Fair Winds! to our new and FULLY STAFFED AYC Board of Directors.
Emory Heisler
Election Committee Chairman

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