Rock & Roll into 2012-2013

90 people attended The Party at the Fiesta Inn. Photos: Mike Ferring

The Party lived up to its name Saturday night (5/12).
Headed by the band, Los Big Grandes, with lead guitar player and J/80 sailor Chris Smith, some 90 members and guests celebrated the end and the beginning of AYC membership years.
The new board took office: Mike Ferring as new (and returning) Commodore heading a team that includes Joe Motil (Sr Staff Commodore), Emory Heisler (Jr Staff Commodore), Decker Williams (Vice Commodore), Bob Whyte (Rear Commodore), Greg Woodcock (Fleet Captain), Mike Parker (Cruising Captain), Brenda Shears (Membership Director), Thom Dickerson (Membership Director), Tony Chapman (Treasurer), and Peter Lehrach (Secretary).
The Club’s top annual honor is the U.S. Sailing Sportsmanship Award, our Most Valuable Player honor, and this year it went to Tony Chapman, recognizing the leadership role he’s played in the organization for several years, including as treasurer for both AYC and ASF.
Trey Harlow and Dave Willis with the punch bowl

Martin Lorch handed over the big punch bowl, the AYC Club Championship trophy, to Trey Harlow and his crew, Dave Willis. The two won the prize in last weekend’s seven-way championship race. Trey also handed out nicely framed photos to the winners of the year’s fleets.
Al and Sandy Lehman and Mike Yarnell and Tia Renshaw were officially presented with their Honorary Life Member status (including shirts displaying their new standing).
ASF President John Mayall presented the Wayne Jason Tucker Award for most improved Junior to Ema Davis and the “Heavy Lifting” Award to Danielle Kiel for supporting junior sailing.
Somehow the PHRF Spin fleet at the Tall Cactus regatta won the Blunder Bucket. Their blunder: not hanging around for dinner or spending the night.
Then it was time for some rock and roll and even some blues. Emory Heisler stepped in to join the band as guest lead vocalist on a couple songs. Los Big Grandes made the trip from Tucson for the event, for which we thank them hugely. Their only pay: a big bottle of tequila.
Pictures from Chrisann Tortora available here.
Emory Heisler, guest singer.

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