Not too late yet to renew your AYC membership

The renewal rate for AYC members is very good this year, but there are still a few of you who haven’t come through. If you haven’t renewed, here’s the link to do it.
The AYC bylaws require us to post delinquent members by mid-August and to drop them from membership at the end of September. So here’s the list of people who have not renewed. We are not posting the names of people who have told us they don’t intend to renew.
Bernie & Judie Armstrong, Marc & Anastasia Danner, Bill Dingwell, Bill Feil, Bill Hardy, Matthew & Thomas Jacobs, Charles Kaye, Travis Kenyon, Chalz & Wanjeri Kirubi, Rick & Lisa Lake, Larry Lowe, Kent & Sheri Maas, Luke Marino, Cooper Miller, Mary & Jeffrey Miller, Tara Odman, Katie Runnels, Steve Swanson, Ed Triebel, Richard Warren, Wieslaw & Grazyna Wojczak.