AYC Election for the Next Board of Directors

The annual election of AYC officers has begun. Here are the nominees:

Peter Lehrach
Peter Lehrach has been nominated to be the next AYC Commodore.

Commodore: Peter Lehrach
Vice Commodore: Christina Campo
Rear Commodore: Chris Smith
Junior Staff Commodore: Cynthia Pillote
One-Year Membership Director: Dianna Andress
Two-Year Membership Director: John Riddell
Fleet Captain: Steve Brown
Cruising Captain: Tom Errickson
In addition, the board selects a Treasurer and Secretary. Tony Chapman has agreed to continue as Treasurer and Lori Reger will continue as Secretary. Continuing on the board as Senior Staff Commodore, Mike Ferring.
The nominating committee: Martin Lorch, Matt Davis, George Tingom, J.M. Kiel, George Sheller, Bruce Andress, Victor Felice, Chris Smith, Ben Doane, Mike Parker, Tom Errickson, Jeff Sloan, Cindy Pillote (non voting).
In addition to voting for officers, you’ll be asked to decide whether to increase the annual dues from $125/year to $150/year. The increase requires a two-thirds majority in order to pass. (AYC dues have not increased for more than 10 years.)
A link to voting has been emailed to all the full members of record as of April 1. If you didn’t receive the link, contact Mike Ferring. If you requested a paper ballot, you’ll need to return it postmarked by May 9 or bring it to the counting session at the Caddy Shack by 6pm on Tuesday, May 13. With electronic voting, the counting takes about one minute, so don’t be late.