Register for 2015 Governor's Cup Regatta

Registration is open for the Governor’s Cup long distance race, scheduled for Saturday, December 5. The entry and race courses are now posted here.
There’s just a $10 fee for entry. Then, it’s a day sail across Lake Pleasant—a feat accomplished by zig-zagging from end to end and back again. Here’s the one-page Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. You’re invited for appetizers served at the Pleasant Harbor Marina restaurant after you finish.
While it’s a race, it’s also just a nice day on the water that could extend into the evening in light air (but hasn’t gone that long before).
The winner of the race gets his or her name engraved on that gigantic trophy and gets to show it off for the next year. The rest of us get a nice day zig-zagging.
This is a pursuit race, which means boats will start at different times based on their PHRF ratings, with the slowest boats leaving first and the fastest leaving last. The winner will be the first boat to complete the course and cross the finish. Because of difficulty in matching monohull boats and multi-hull boats, this year the two types will race separately and the multi-hulls will receive a separate perpetual trophy.

Yeah! Brett and Crew Johnston won the Governor's Cup in 2014 and got to keep it for a year.
Yeah! Brett and Crew Johnston won the Governor’s Cup in 2014 and got to keep it for a year.