Lake Pleasant Fall Series Final Results

Victor Felice's J/24 on a screaming day. Photo: Victor's camera
Victor Felice’s J/24 on a screaming day. Photo: Victor’s camera

It was an experiment: A one-day weekend, a Saturday-only final weekend of the fall race series and it began with a roar. Chuck Sears said the wind touched 40 mph on his boat’s instruments. Too much for racing, and the RC put in at Scorpion Bay to wait for the wind to ease. By noon it had come down enough to bring a screaming start and by mid-afternoon the wind was delightful.
Congratulations to all who came out to play this fall and especially to the fleet champs: Charles Ellis, C22; Charles Landis, PHRF Non-Spin; Tom Baker, PHRF Spin; Tony Chapman, PHRF Sportboat; and Skip Kempff, Thistle.
The scores from Week 5 of racing at Lake Pleasant are posted on the results page, or you’ll find them by clicking here.