Parking Lot – Speedway – Parking Lot – Lake Pleasant Weekend

By Marc Danner

This past weekend the wind forecast looked promising and perfect weather.
The race committee boat on Saturday consisted of Martin Lorch, Greg Woodcock, Brian Hackman, Michael Parker, Josh and Vanessa. Marc, Myles, and Avery Danner joined Cedric Lorch on the Boston Whaler, working furiously to keep up with the shifting winds.
The fleet captains agreed to postpone the races due to the lack of wind. As the fleets sat in the boat parking lot enjoying the weather and conversation, around 1 pm the wind started to build out of the west, which prompted the start of racing for each fleet. The last two races were a north/south course and overall the day ended strong with decent wind.

Rolling in the Deep and red Solo cups! Photo by Marc Danner

Sunday’s races started with 10 kts of wind, which prompted an early start for the Thistle fleet. The race committee Sunday consisted of Greg Woodcock, Brian Hackman, and Marc and Myles Danner. Joel Hurley and Grant Younger provided support on the runabout.
Each fleet was able to get in three races, but unfortunately the last race was shortened, ending at the south mark. Each fleet decided to call it a day as the wind was reading 0 kts on the committee boat. 
In between races, the fleets continued to enjoy each other’s company. Rolling in the Deep played music and drank from their red solo cups! Overall, the weekend was a success. A big thanks to the Santana fleet for an awesome weekend!
Here are the race results.

Spin Fleet Down Wind – Photo by Marc Danner
Sport Boats downwind. Photo: Marc Danner
Ferrings pulling out their new spinnaker. Photo by Marc Danner
Myles and Avery Danner deflating the marks. Photo by Marc Danner