How the Lakes Are Responding to Coronavirus

AYC activities for April have been canceled or postponed. Here’s the announcement from Commodore Rob Gibbs. We can still go sailing at those places (please do), but not as an organized group.
Here’s more detail on the Lake Pleasant restrictions. Here’s Tempe’s link to latest city cononavirus news.

Scorpion Bay manager Cris McSparen on Friday (4/4) wrote members to say that Lake Pleasant will limit the number of people coming through the gates and is limiting the hours of operation. The Park with be open from 6am to 8pm daily with no overnight stays. No one will be able to enter or leave outside of those hours. The shoreline is closed for camping and will accept day use only until the shoreline is full. The Park staff will monitor traffic and close the entrance if they feel they’re at capacity, allowing one car in when one car comes out.
Cris says that now they’ll let Scorpion Bay customers come in, but you’ll need to wait in the entrance line. They’ll not allow us to skip to the front because they can’t control capacity if they do. Cris suggests you come early. The Governor may yet close it all down, which might prevent access to your boats. He says, “Please help us control that process… and let’s keep away from large groups gathering on our facility.”

Here’s a link to Pleasant Harbor’s responses. The marina is limiting access to the office, closing the RV resort clubhouse, pool, and media room and limiting hours for showers and laundry. Restrooms remain open.