Super Bowl Sailing

Lasers in action at TTL on Super Bowl Sunday. Photo by Joanne Aspinall. For more photos of Super Bowl sailing click here.

By Joanne Aspinall

Racing at A.Y.C. T.T.L. City can be like Half Time Shows – sometimes you’re thinking “Who’s That?” or sometimes “Wow, he/she looks great for their age!”  This past weekend’s Superb Owl race day was no exception.  The weather had us feeling some “Arizona Love” (no snow here!), even if the wind was just “Alright” (the normal flukiness ranging from 0 to 6mph).

One Portsmouth, eight Lasers and twelve Sunfish were “In Da Club”; although a few of those boats “Forgot About D’ra(cing)” and just enjoyed the wind that we did have (ok, so that song reference was a bit of a stretch; work with me here).  Emory H. was the lone captain in the Portsmouth fleet, deciding to “Lose Himself” in the sailing as a break from his Leukemia Cup responsibilities (if you haven’t already, go sign up to volunteer next weekend!). 

The Capri 14.2 fleet did great on race committee, and even made it a “Family Affair” – Ron and Lynn S. were joined on land by Dick K. Will Z. and his kids were joined by the paparazzi (Joanne A.) on the RC support boat.  The Portsmouth and Sunfish fleets completed two races, while the Lasers completed a shortened third before deciding on “No More Drama” (and because there was no more wind).   Only one capsize was seen, which was quickly righted; with not a lot of wind around, perhaps it was just a wardrobe malfunction?

So overall the day went well, but left us “Still Dre(aming)” of the perfect wind.  I guess we’ll just have to wait until “The Next Episode” of TTL racing (Feb 27th) to find it!

All of the pictures from the paparazzi can be found here:  photographs!