New Member Introduction

Rick & Linda Gill hail from Scottsdale and have joined AYC after years of involvement with The Northport, NY, Yacht Club. Rick and Linda have served as members and chairpersons of various yacht club committees and Rick also served on the Board of Governors and as Treasurer for six years. Active cruisers, they have sailed to numerous ports in the Northeast on their Pearson 30, then Pearson 36, Pearson 42CC and finally their Nonsuch 30. They have also enjoyed cruising experiences in the BVIs. Rick has raced in various crew assignments, more recently in the Leukemia Cup on Lake Pleasant and the return leg of the New York Yacht Club Race from Newport to Bermuda. They are looking forward to many more cruising and racing experiences

Ralph Vatalaro’s first sailing experience was during a summer NROTC cruise when the XO’s daughter invited the Midshipmen for a day sail on the family Lightning. After that he was hooked—on sailing, that is. After doing his best impression of Ensign Pulver in His Majesty’s Navy, his sailing continued with a series of misadventures over the ensuing years: nearly colliding with a large buoy at night while at the helm in San Francisco Bay, running aground in front of a large power boat in Swan Creek entering Lake St. Clair, being hoisted to the top of the mast to retrieve a lost halyard after a MORC race at Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit.

After moving to Arizona, his sailing adventures continued: being “found” by the Coast Guard in Lake Tahoe (their significant others reported them overdue—late for dinner), a holding tank almost overflowing in Avalon Harbor (had to make a hasty departure), powering their way through the mud in Knapp’s Narrows in the Chesapeake (wrong side of the channel?), returning to port after his crew threatened mutiny if they continued in a squall to Antibes, and last, but not least, being dumped into Lake Pleasant at the leeward mark when the skipper turned before the spinnaker take down. After all of this fun, Ralph is looking forward to finding a boat and getting back into racing with the AYC this fall!

If you’re a new member and have not been introduced through Compass Points, please send a brief write-up about you (and your family) to

Brenda Shears and Thom Dickerson
Arizona Yacht Club Membership Directors

WELCOME New AYC Members!

Dennis Davis took the Learn to Sail Right class with his brother in Fall 2011 and thinks ASF instructors are GREAT!! He is running two Lasers at TTL; Ema is currently taking High School Sailing. They are looking to add larger boats to the family fleet – maybe a buccaneer!
The Edwards Family, Kevin, Stacy, Austin and Hollis, are long-time Scottsdale residents that pursue many outdoor activities. Kevin has been involved in sailing for many decades and has crewed on Team Gravity at Lake Pleasant for over six seasons.  He crews with the “Shockwave” sailing team out of Long Beach, has been on many ocean excursions and continues to enjoy boating with friends and family.  Austin, is a student at ASU and looks forward to participating in the sailboat racing program at Tempe Lake this spring. Stacy and Hollis both enjoy boating very much but have taken a more casual approach to their sailing experience. They look forward to being active members and getting know more of you at the Arizona Yacht Club.

Chalz Kirubi is a mechanical engineer who has helped in building a 20-foot wooden Catboat called Kinship with his family in the Boston area. He has been on sailboats all 40 years of his life. He has lived in Phoenix for the past six years and owned a 22-foot Laguna Windrose that he would tow to Lake Pleasant. He is now looking to sail a bit more casually than owning by adopting a boat at Tempe Town Lake or crewing with others.

Peter Lehrach taught himself to sail at age 13 on a Sunfish (the only boat he’s ever owned) and began racing competitively in college.  He is experienced sport boat crew on J/22, J/29, & J/80s and raced extensively on a Pearson 30 in the Gulf of Mexico.  As foredeck on a Farr 37, they won class at the 2003 Key West race week earning the crew an invitation to the National Offshore Championship at the US Naval Academy.  The highlight of his sailing career was being #1 foredeck on a 70’ ketch for Antigua Race Week and then racing the same yacht in the America’s Cup Jubilee at the Isle of Wight, England.  His cruising resume includes Marion (MA) to Bermuda, Newport to Ensenada, Turks & Caicos to Nassau, and bareboat charters from Guadeloupe, and the BVIs.

Court Roberts joined AYC in the fall and right away took the championship in the 2011 Governor’s Cup!  He hails from Anthem and sails a Melges 24 and recently has begun sailing in the Laser fleet on Tempe Town Lake. Last year he began racing his Holder 20 in AYC Lake Pleasant races. Court originally grew up in Southern California where he starting sailing Sidney Sabots way back in the day as a kid. He spent many vacations sailing with his family to Catalina Island and other coastal cruising and often participated in the boat parade in Huntington Harbor. He moved with his family to Northern California in the late 70’s and picked sailing back up in the early 90’s. He owned and operated a night club and restaurant in Eureka, California for 15 years until the move in 2005 to Anthem; some of the summer months are still spent at his home in Northern California taking in the summer racing in the Humboldt Yacht Club, where he is also a member. Court says he is excited to be a member of the AYC and involved with such a great group of fine sailors who enjoy sailing just as much as he does. We look forward to his active racing involvement in Arizona.

Devin Sloan became interested in sailing while completing the Deepwater Cruising course series at USC. While the course was geared towards offshore sailing in larger keelboats, it did include some experience with smaller boats such as 420s. He then helped crew in the Marina Del Rey beer can races for 2 years.  Unfortunately due to work and relocation he has not been on the water for almost a decade and is looking to get back into sailing. He is interested in racing and assisting with equipment maintenance.

Matthew and Jacob Thomas joined as Junior Members in the fall. They have participated in the High School Sailing Program.

George and Pam Weaver have come full circle, having learned to sail in the early 70’s with an AYC member, racing on Lake Pleasant and participating in a cruise to Isla Tiburon off Hermosillo. They have since sailed a variety of boats in the Chesapeake, San Diego Harbor, the Willamette & Columbia Rivers in Oregon, the Pacific Ocean off Honolulu, and the Pacific Northwest as proud owners of a 50’ Sea Ranger trawler.  George is a retired Captain with Continental Airlines; Pam is an interior designer turned writer and is now the accomplished author of three books. They live in Scottsdale with their Papillion Angel, an experienced watch-stander on the flybridge.

If you are a new member and have not been introduced through Compass Points, please send a brief writeup about you (and your family) to

Brenda Shears
Arizona Yacht Club Membership Director

New Honorary Life Members: Lehmans, Yarnell and Renshaw

The AYC Board of Directors has voted unanimously to name new Honorary Life Members, the club’s highest honor. The four new members of this special membership group are Al and Sandy Lehman, Mike Yarnell and Tia Renshaw.

The club Bylaws describe the requirements this way: “Honorary Life Membership may be granted to any Club Member whose services to the Club and the sport of sailing shall have been deemed outstanding over a period of years.”

The four new members will be given special recognition at the Commodore’s Celebration on Saturday evening, May12. They’ll join two other current Honorary Life Members, Joyce Seale and Tom Ohlin.

Welcome New Members!

A great new “class” of members have joined AYC in recent months, from High Schoolers to Power Boaters (are we on our way to creating a “Power Squadron?”).

Christina Andaloro joins us following a year with the Arizona Sailing Foundation High School Sailing Club. She is now a freshman in college, but started taking official lessons 6 years ago in Cape Cod MA. She looks forward to attaining instructor level certification and contributing to AYC through Club equipment maintenance, racing, and social activities.

Shawn Cook took the SSR class and loved it. He is a Mesa resident, is a Laser sailor, and has been spending a lot of time down at the lake. He is interested in Club equipment maintenance and assisting with racing activities.

Luke Marino is a Freshman at Washington High School and has been sailing for about 5 years – most recently through the High School Sailing Club and before that racing in Opti’s. In the last 2 High School championships his boat was 2nd place! His dad also sails. He is continuing to take sailing classes, is interested in racing and cruising, and looks forward to achieving instructor level certification.

Mary and Jeff Miller: The Millers split their time between Scottsdale and the White Mountains. Mary is a long-time real estate broker in Snowflake, and Jeff works in Phoenix for APS four days a week. They’ve had a decades-long interest in sailing, having owned a very small sailboat in 1979, but only recently got a little more serious about the sport by traveling to Marina del Rey with two of their adult children to obtain a Basic Keelboat Certification in May of this year. They’re looking forward to gaining more experience and knowledge as time/schedules allow — hopefully with retirement figured in there somewhere! — and appreciate the opportunity to be part of this club.

Cooper Miller: Cooper, 25, now has his ASA Basic Keelboat Certification and is looking forward to sailing involvement with AYC members, with a special interest in crewing for more experienced sailors. He recently graduated from the U of A in Mathematics with an emphasis in Probability and Statistics and is pursuing a new career even as he also splits his time between the White Mountains and Scottsdale, assisting with the family real estate business as a licensed agent. He’s a long-time snowboard instructor, as well, and welcomes any interested folks up to Sunrise Ski Park this winter! Cooper is also an avid mountain biker.

Jim Murphy, a Scottsdale resident, is interested in racing and in helping with AYC social events. Jim has been sailing “all his life.” And his son Garrison has taken the High School Sailing class.

Randy, Tara, and Elliot Odman: The Odmans have extensive boating experience, but are new to sailing, thanks to the interest of son Elliot. Elliot sails in the high school program and just purchased his first boat, a sunfish, this winter. They are Mesa residents and interested in helping with new member support and racing.

Richard, Noami, and Lincoln Strand: Dick, a retired Radiologist, has recently rejoined the AYC. His family consists of his wife Noami, a son Nick who lives in NYC; daughter Natalie, living in Santa Monica; and an eight-year-old son Lincoln. Dick shares the following: “A few friends and I are just finishing the restoration of a 40 ft 1949 Matthew’s wooden motor yacht, the Euphrates, and will be keeping her in Newport Beach. She is a beautiful old boat and should be capable of coastal cruising, Catalina Island etc. I am an occasional sailor and was a member of the Arizona Yacht Club many years ago. And speaking of reciprocity, in 1988, I went over to watch the America’s Cup Race. The evening of the final race, I went to the San Diego Yacht Club, and using my Arizona Yacht Club membership card, got in and attended the victory celebration. I ended up sitting with Dennis Conner’s mother!”


Brenda Shears
Roger Butterwick
AYC Membership Directors

NOTICE of Members who have NOT Renewed for 2011-2012

SPECIAL NOTICE OF MEMBERS WHO HAVE NOT RENEWED FOR 2011-2012 Our records indicate the following members have not renewed for 2011-2012; please let us know if that is not the case. Otherwise, please renew as soon as possible (no later than August 31) in order to keep your membership active and be listed in the 2011-2012 AYC Roster.

If you need help accessing your online account, please Click Here to visit the Membership Services Page.

  • David  Allocco
  • Rey Bergelin
  • Brett  Bigelow
  • Patrick Blumm
  • David Chapin
  • Steven Cassingham
  • Chad Cornell
  • David  Cummings
  • Matt Davis
  • Steve Dolter
  • Jim Douglas
  • Sean Eanes
  • Michael Easley
  • Ken Esty
  • Paul  Farmer
  • Bill Feil
  • Kaniatariio Gilbert
  • Jack Haskell
  • Bob Hastings
  • Judi Hayes
  • John Hiett
  • Amber  Jacoby
  • Rick Johnson
  • Eric  Jones
  • Ruth LaBlonde
  • Rick Lake
  • Charley Laman
  • Michael Leon
  • Paula Lippert
  • Dennis Lynde
  • Arno Marcuse
  • Pamela Mayer
  • Gary  McCauley
  • Diane McDaniel
  • Jake McGuire
  • Jim  Murphy
  • Dave  Nowak
  • Don Palmer
  • Michael  Parker
  • Christopher Payne
  • Viviana  Pinilla
  • Elena Putman
  • David Rawstrom
  • John Riddell
  • Charles Rush
  • Jason Rziha
  • Luce Sahali
  • Todd  Schiller
  • Chris Smith
  • Jane Spicer
  • Eric Steidley
  • Steve  Swanson
  • Ann-Marie Tan
  • Steven Troxel
  • Roger Weissman

In addition we have not heard from the following Life Members; please let us know if you want to continue your active membership for 2011-2012:

  • Thomas Cunningham
  • Pat Guthrie

Renew! Renew! Renew! 2011-12 Membership

Renew! Renew! Renew!  The AYC annual membership renewal season is well underway. Don’t wait till the last minute…CLICK HERE to register now, or if you need some help come on down to the July membership meeting  at Tempe Rolling Hills Golf Course (Tuesday, 7/12/11) and we’ll get you signed up there and then!

We have a newly designed membership card in the works, which will be personalized in a batch run – make sure you get your renewal in before the end of July so that you don’t miss out on the permanent annual card AND listing in the annual membership roster.

Prefer to use the good old US Mail and a pen or pencil? Drop an email to one of our “Ace” Membership Directors and they’ll get you a hardcopy form to fill out and you can mail in your check. Time’s a waistin! Renew your membership today!

Roger Butterwick – Membership Director
Brenda Shears – Membership Director

Time to Renew Your Membership!

It’s that time again, June 1, 2011 is the first day of annual Membership Renewal period.

Don’t wait till the last minute…CLICK HERE to register now, or if you need some help come on down to the June membership meeting and we’ll get you signed up there and then!

Prefer to use the good old US Mail and a pen or pencil?  Drop an email to one of our “Ace” Membership Directors and they’ll get you a hardcopy form to fill out and you can mail in your check.

Time’s a waistin!  Renew your membership today!

Roger Butterwick – Membership Director
Brenda Shears – Membership Director

Welcome New Members

Please welcome our newest members: Chad Cornell, Patrick Byrnes, Philip Freedman, Viviana Pinilla and Charley Laman, to the club.  

 Chad has been sailing his whole life and wants to get out on the water.  He’s interested in racing and in helping with club social events.

 Pat Byrnes is the father of fellow club member and ASU sailor Gerald Byrnes. According to Patrick: “With a good chunk of my childhood spent on South Padre Island, TX, I grew up around power boaters, anglers, and beachcombers with a rare few trips on a sloop named “Traipsing.” An attempt to become a sailor in college many years ago came to grief on congealed committee boat french fries at the Frozen Butt Regatta in Galveston Bay, so it wasn’t until we moved to New Mexico that we bought our first boat.  Since then, Carol Anne, Gerald, and I have done a bit of cruising and racing here and there from Texas to California.  I’ve also served in office in the Rio Grande and New Mexico sailing clubs, helped teach some “Boating Basics” safety classes, and done regatta planning and committee boat work as a race officer.  We’re interested in exploring new horizons and would love to try out different boats and pick up some new skills.  Our son Gerald no doubt is better known in the club than Carol Anne and I and has been having fun taking his ASU team to California a few times a year and helping with the high school program at TTL.  He started sailing when he was nine and didn’t take long to graduate to sailing with other racers and cruisers at Elephant Butte Lake in southern NM.”

 Viviana took the start sailing right class this Spring.  She’s interested in club equipment maintenance, selling club merchandise and helping the club with social events.  She wants to get out and sail!

 Philip Freedman started sailing at the age of 6 off of Balboa Island in Southern California where chocolate dipped frozen bananas are the mainstay. He has raced and taught sailing for over 50 years winning many events.  After being a finalist in the 1988 US Olympic Trails in Star Boats he started and was CEO and skipper of the 1992 America’s Cup Team Betsy Ross. His syndicate broke America’s Cup tradition and history by being the 1st America’s Cup team to name women onboard an America’s Cup boat.  He is the former owner of the America’s Cup 12 meter AMERICA 2 US-42. While he owned the 12 meter America 2, his boat was renamed GERONIMO and was the winning boat in the sailing movie classic WIND starring Jennifer Grey, Matthew Modine, and Cliff Robertson in which he served as technical adviser.  He is currently retired from USAirways and is the racing coach at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona.


New Members!

Three new members joined the AYC in March:  Pat Byrnes, Chad Cornell and Philip Freedman!

Pat is no stranger to the AYC having attended many Birthday Regattas.  He is father of ASU sailong team member Gerald Byrnes and has been a strong supporter of our club for many years He’s finally he’s a member! Pat hosts many wonderful photographs for us of the Birthday Regatta on his blog site. Welcome Pat!

Chad Cornell hails from Prescott and looks forward to joning us for Lake Pleasant sailing!  Hope to see you at the Tall Cactus Regatta Chad!

Philip and daughter

Philip and Daughter Carina

Philip Freedman is the ASU Sailing Coach, a former Olympic Star Class competitor (and old nemesis of our April meeting speaker Mark Reynolds.  Philip has dived right into club activities and volunteered to be our candidate for the vacant Vice Commodore position.  His experience in all levels of sailing, from kids to the America’s Cup will be a great addition to our club.

Welcome all!

February Memebership Meeting

From the membership corner

Please welcome our newest members, Bob Hastings, John Healy, and Bernie Armstrong, to the club. Bob is a Tucson resident and recently took the ASA keelboat 101 class at Lake Pleasant. Bob is interested in crewing on keelboats at lake pleasant. So, if anyone needs crew, please give Bob a call. John recently moved to Phoenix from Ireland. Both he and his son Denis, who sailed in Ireland, are interested in sailing and racing and are anxious to get out on the water. John is also interested in helping the club with equipment maintenance. Several of us had the pleasure of meeting Bernie and his wife Judy at the last membership meeting. Bernie is a long-time sailor and currently sails an Enterprise, Hairy Carry. Bernie is interested in crewing, racing and helping the club with equipment maintenance.

January Membership Meeting

Hello Sailors!

The January membership meeting is this Tuesday!  We have two guest speakers coming:

Tom McMahon/Arizona Game and Fish Department – Aquatic Invaders

Rick Amalfi/Aquatic Consulting – Tempe Town Lake Water Quality Management

Also, we’ll get an update on the Birthday Regatta / Leukemia Cup from Greg Jackson, the Regatta Chairman.

Remember – you don’t have to be a member to attend!  If you need to know how to get there, Click Here!

December Meeting – Buccaneer Gift Exchange!

Arrr Me hardies,

Tiz the season for that favorite of AYC gatherins, the Buccaneer Gift Exchange! This Tuesday eve bring ye bootie to the 19th Tee and prepare for a wild evening.  Ye must bring bootie to get bootie, for that be part of the code.  When you get called to the deck choose wisely, for if yer bootie be too prized, she may get pirated!  But pirated only twice says I, then the prize must lay where she rests.  Don’t miss out mate!  A jolly time will be had by all.

November Membership Meeting

As usual a good time was had by all at the November membership meeting.  We were able to introduce one of the newest members of our club Ed Triebel, pictured here with the Fleet Captain Trey Harlow.  If you see Ed, or any of our new members “around the club” be sure to welcome them.

New Member Ed Triebel and Fleet Capt Trey Harlow

The guest speaker was former America’s Cup contender Phillip Freedman one of the sailing coaches at ASU.  He is starting a new intercollegiate competition here in the valley, the first one of its kind – the Cactus Cup.  They are attempting to add it to the Pacific Coast Collegiate Sailing Conference’s tour of schools and venues.

ASU Sailing Coach Philip Freedman and the Cactus Cup

We are working on getting them to bring some of their KILLER T-Shirts to a future meeting to raise money for their team.  We’ll get the word out well in advance so you can get yours!

ASU Sailing Team T-Shirt

The rest of the evening was filled with the usual pirate frivolity…

November Membership Meeting

Hi there,

Phillip Freedman, Sailing coach of ASU‘s sailing team will be coming to give the membership a presentation of all that they have been doing. Recently their sailing club has beaten some prominent Californian teams and looking to do more. Phillip, a recent transplant from San Diego with his wonderful daughter is looking forward to some fantastic plans associated with inter collegiate sailing which is often the base for larger programs. Come see an amazing trophy.

Speaking of trophies,

Come see the coveted Governors’ cup trophy and put your registration in to make history.

News from the Membership Desk

Please join us in welcoming Matt Davis, Dave Brickner, and Sean Eanes to the Arizona Yacht Club. Matt is racing his Buccaneer 18, Slur, in the Fall Series. Sean has also signed up for Fall Racing and is racing his Windrose, White Pearl, at Lake pleasant. Dave used to sail a Santana 21, and is in the market for a new boat. If you see Matt, Dave, or Sean, please welcome them to the Club!

Other news from the membership desk.renewal season is finally over, which means no more nagging emails from the membership directors—at least not until next Summer. Thank you to everyone that renewed!!! The Club depends on its members for support.

2010-2011 Season membership cards went out a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t received yours yet, please contact a membership director at

Finally, we’re working on the membership directory. You should see the new directory in your mailboxes in a few weeks.

We hope you have a great 2010-2011 Season.

Emory Heisler et al. at the September 2010 Membership Meeting

Sept Membership Meeting

At the September Membership Meeting we had Joe “Okie” O’Conner and George Sheller give us an update on the status of the Tempe Town Lake dam repairs and future plans for City of Tempe “mixed use” facilities at the lake.

We had some new faces interested in membership.  Gilbert Kanitario who crewed for Ray Gazzera on Opening Day at Lake Pleasant signed up that night!

There were a few burgees exchanged and good fun was had by all!