MORE Junior Sailing & Racing

O’Pen Bic racers you may use. Also available: Optis and Lasers. Photo: Mike Ferring

This program focuses on Juniors aged 12-17, enrolled in the AYC TTL Racing Series and allows participation in select traveling events (based on volunteer availability). Enrollment gives young sailors access to ASF boats & equipment and a sailboat racing coaches and instructors that provide individual coaching, mentoring, and skill advancement.

Participants are expected to participate during Arizona Yacht Club Tempe Town Lake race days, from January – April and/or September – December. Coaching sessions for participants are held the two hours immediately prior to AYC TTL Racing.

See the AYC Calendar HERE for the detailed AYC Racing Schedule at Tempe Town Lake (TTL).

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How to Register: Signing up for Junior Sailing & Racing is a two-step process.

  • First, register for ASF Junior Racing – HERE (ASF Wild Apricot).
  • Second, make sure that you are registered for the AYC TTL Racing – HERE
  • …and yes, the ASF and AYC “Wild Apricot” registration systems are separate and will require separate login processes)

What it’s about? MORE fun sailing and lots of racing. This class is for kids who already have a good handle on rigging and de-rigging their boat and feel comfortable single-hand sailing. Sailors in this program are ready to make their boats move faster.

Juniors sail on a boat appropriate for their skill, body size, and weight:
Opti: smaller kids can continue in the Opti as long as appropriate.
O’Pen Bic: a little bigger and “sportier”
4.7 or Radial Laser: as sailor’s skills and size increase
Students focus on developing good small boat habits such as balance, hand/tiller coordination, and attention to sail trim. Small class size means personal attention and rapid learning.

For those interested in racing, the program introduces racing concepts such as starting, mark rounding, and position on the racecourse. Kids are invited to participate in Arizona Yacht Club racing (held on the same day as class). Boats are provided on a first-come basis, and if there’s a conflict, we rotate boats so everyone gets the experience they are looking for.

Who should attend: Any junior between the ages of 10 and 15 who’s completed the ASF Kids’ Introduction to Sailing class or can pass a basic sailing skills test based on their sailing experience elsewhere.

Instructors: Highly experienced, US Sailing certified Instructors

Cost: $105 per student + AYC TTL Junior racing registration fee HERE. All boats and costs are included. You must provide your own PFD and helmet (a bicycle or skateboard helmet is suggested).
Questions? Contact:

Check out the US Sailing Skill-UP App
Check out the San Diego O’pen Skiff UNregatta HERE.

Here’s a fun promotional video about the Bic.

Student Colin Gibbs on a Bic, trailed by Chief Instructor (and dad) Rob Gibbs. Photo: Mike Ferring
Student Colin Gibbs on a Bic, trailed by coach (and dad) Rob Gibbs.
Photo: Mike Ferring