Campos Pull Out of the Transpac

Saturday morning (7/18): Christina and Steve Campo have abandoned their Transpac effort and are returning to LA. The Transpac tracking system tells the story. Their lime green icon is pointed back at the mainland while the rest of the competitors are moving toward Honolulu. The brief description explains that they had a problem with the […]

Join/Renew US Sailing and Get Sailing World Magazine

US Sailing wants you as a member and it’s offering two incentives for you to join. First, AYC gets a credit toward training materials. Second, you get a one-year subscription to either Sailing World or Cruising World magazine. For you to get the bonus, you need to use this link. You’ll find a drop-down menu, […]

Scot Tempesta Lives Up to Advance Billing

But then you knew he would. Scot has been the ringmaster of Sailing Anarchy for 15 years, ever since he started it in a peak of “I’m not in the club” anger when Scuttlebutt didn’t publish a letter of his. He stirred the SA jambalaya for years until he figured out it would bubble and […]

Haggarts Snag Third at C14 Nationals

AYC’s Dave and Stacey Haggart finished a strong third in the Capri 14.2 Nationals held the weekend of July 11-12 at Mission Bay Yacht Club in San Diego. Martin and Cedric Lorch took fifth in the regatta. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that perennial champion Scott Finkboner had a couple weak (for him) races and […]

July Meeting: Who is Scot Tempesta and How Can He Say Those Things?

If Scuttlebutt is your serious older brother in a serious gray suit, then Sailing Anarchy is your potty-mouthed, brawling, drunken, bare-foot little brother who just won’t shut up. Well, the kid’s coming to dinner. Scot Tempesta sailed a lot and well, but earned his living as a radio talk show host in San Diego, the […]