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In Memoriam

This page is dedicated in honor of deceased AYC members. May they forever be remembered for their friendship and the contributions they made to the Arizona Yacht Club and its members. Fair winds and following seas!

Donald Alverson (1927-2013) Life member, joined in 1977. Commodore 1986-1987. Public obituary.

Ruth Beals (1918-2010) Founded AYC in 1958
Public obituary. Website post – AYC’s Founder: The Unsinkable Ruth Beals

Robert Ball (1044-2020) Life member, joined in 1973.
Commodore 1977-1978. Public obituary.

Frank Bigelow (1931-2011) Life member, joined in 1959.
Commodore 1989-1990. Website post: Eight Bells – Farwell Frank Bigelow.

Gene Carapetyan (1942-2003) Commodore 1978-1979.
Remembering Gene, Los Angeles Times Article

Don DeFreze (1930-2019) Life member, joined in 1967.
Public obituary. Website post – Passing: 50-Year Member Don DeFreze.

Mike Ewens (1946-2020) Life member, joined in 1980.
Public obituary. AYC Eight Bells Tribute.

Ray Gazzera ( 1930-2020) Life member, joined in 1992. Public obituary.

Ricky Gilchrist (1953 – 2020) Life member, joined in 1988.
AYC Eight Bells Tribute. Video of Eight Bells Ceremony at Lake Pleasant.

Joe Laux Jr. (1947-2020) Life member, Joined in 1983.
Commodore 1987-1988. Public obituary. AYC Eight Bells Tribute.

Dennis Martinelli (1959-2013) Joined in 1997. Commodore 2004-2005.
Public obituary. Sail on Sailor – memory video by David Spira.

Tom Ohlin (1936-2020) Honorary Life member, joined AYC in 1979. Commodore 1983-1984. Public obituary. AYC Eight Bells Tribute.

Joe Rowe (1929-2011) Founding and Life member.
Commodore 1969-1970 – Website post of his public obituary

Jim Swartz (1940-2010) Life member, joined in 1974.
Commodore 1985-1986. Public obituary.

If you have information on a member you’d like to see included here, please contact the Vice Commodore with details.