Kinnickinick Kool August 10-12


So cool you’ll wear a jacket around the fire.

We’ll be camping at Kinnickinick Lake, starting Friday, August 10. No charge for either camping or sailing.
Organizer Steve Nahkala plans to have bocce ball, forest golf, liar’s dice, horseshoes and other games. And it’s a fun place to bring the kids and your friendly dogs; we usually have a bunch of both. The lake is really great for dinghy sailing, and I would encourage you to bring a boat if possible. Tent camping is fine, along with any kind of camper or SUV with a mattress. We’ve had people camping in a Catalina 22 before, so anything is possible. We will for sure have a huge potluck dinner on Saturday night, so bring extra for everyone. And then there’s a campfire, wine tasting, sing-a-long, star watching, and possibly a marshmallow fight. S’mores of course.
People arrive early on Friday, sometimes as early as Thursday. In the many years I’ve been going there, we’ve usually had some rain, but not too much. The road into Kinnickinick is graveled dirt, but graded and maintained. I’ve never had a problem hauling everything from a Class A motor home to a tent.
Hope to see you there. Here’s a page with map. Our campground is free. Bring your Guitar or harmonica.
—Dennis Lynde
In this historic shot, Bill Hutchinson waves hello.

Looks like a game of liar’s dice under cover.


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