Beached – AYC Virtual Happy Hour Thursday, April 9, 6pm

By Deb Heisler, Rear Commodore

If you’re missing your sailing friends and the social aspect of our sport and club, you’re not alone.
Oh wait, you probably are!
All the more reason to join in and visit with AYC members for a virtual Zoom Happy Hour. Using the Zoom online meeting platform is simple, and you can join the meeting from your smart phone/tablet or your laptop/computer.
Matt and Andi Baker have agreed to act as hosts/facilitators for this event. It should be fun!
Thursday, April 9th from 6–7ish pm

  • Suggested Cocktail: Quarantini — Ingredients: Whatever alcohol you haven’t drunk yet!
  • Suggested Appetizer: Easy Brie or Cream Cheese & Crackers
  • Suggested Attire: Your favorite beach shirt, of course.

How to participate:  In your email, locate the most recent AYC Weekly Update Newsletter and a secure link will be included.
Here’s a video tutorial for those new to Zoom Meetings

  • Once you click the invitation link to join a meeting, you’ll have the option to Start from your Browser or download and install Zoom. If you don’t have an account, and don’t want one, select the browser option.
  • Mobile/tablet users will have fewer features available unless they download the app.
  • You can join in or hop out any time.
  • The grid view is suggested so you can see everyone in attendance in equal size boxes.
  • Activate the Chat Area in order to text to everyone or individuals during the meeting. If we have a large group you can use this area to communicate to hosts or select me for technical (how to questions).
  • If you have a question for the entire group, please feel to pose your question directly or by using the chat space.
  • Find a comfortable, quiet place in the house or outdoors to attend.
  • Background noise is the enemy of online meetings so mute yourself while others are talking.
  • If you’re speaking and we hear garble, I’ll interrupt and ask you to turn off your video or I may turn it off. It is a bandwidth issue and sometimes happens.
Graphic by: South Shore Yacht Club